Freelance Illustration with a Day Job: Time Organization

the book that started it all

organization07I have learned a lot in the three years I have called myself a freelance illustrator. I consider my starting date in early 2012, after I left school. A book I got for Christmas that year was called Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: The Guide for Artists, Designers and Illustrators by Holly DeWolf. I remember reading that book religiously for a few months – marking up the pages, circling things that stood out to me, putting tabs on pages that I thought were important, etc. One of the main themes Holly talks about in the book is the importance of creating a routine as a freelance illustrator, and how it allows you to structure your day and form work habits that become easier and easier to repeat. For another few months, I wrestled with this vague concept that I wanted to make art full-time – but of course I hadn’t done the legwork yet, having just left art school after 2 and a half years, and not having prepared myself for an editorial career yet (which is ultimately where I saw myself).

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