Allison Ranieri

Independent Artist



Habitat: An Illustrated Perspective of Cincinnati began in early 2014 when I went to the observation deck at the top of a skyscraper, Carew Tower, in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It changed my perspective on the city I call home Рliterally and symbolically. It made me feel like a tourist Рin the way that a tourist sees things with a fresh set of eyes, with wonder and awe and few preconceived notions; a childlike perspective, almost.

After I left, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I needed to sustain that wonder and newfound perspective – and I knew I wanted to share it with other people. I figured I’d go about it in the only way I knew how – to illustrate. But I knew I’d need help.

So on May 6, 2014 I started a Kickstarter campaign. I had seen some projects become successful through crowdfunding and wondered if I could make it work for this project. By June 6, Habitat: An Illustrated Perspective of Cincinnati was 208% funded.

Originally, Habitat would have been a 20 page book, but thanks to the generosity of some very amazing people, it became a 40 page book of illustrations.

The work began immediately after the campaign ended. And when I say work, I use that term loosely, because this project has been nothing but a combination of pleasure, discovery and surprises for me. I had already mapped out places I wanted to go in my Kickstarter campaign, and had laid out the numbers too. Everything was ready to go.

So I put pen to paper. And now you are able to hold in your hands the results. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed making it.


To purchase a copy of Habitat: An Illustrated Perspective of Cincinnati, visit my store.