Allison Ranieri

Independent Artist

Freelancing With a Day Job: Printable Schedules

In my previous post about freelancing while working a full time job, I shared how important my notebook is to me in planning out my day. I wanted to give you a peek into a day in the life as well as a downloadable, printable weekly schedule for you to use yourself!


In the image above, you can see how I portion off my notebook – the top half of the page is for my daily to do list – my little accomplishments as I call them – that are so rewarding to check off each time I accomplish something. The bottom half of the page you can see I divide into hours and then allot time during that period for different activities from my to-do list above. So for you I have created a mock-up schedule showing this more fully. I chose to share what a typical standard day off from my day job would look like, with light work (i.e. no major deadlines looming). Take a look:


Feel free to study, print, copy, use as an idea for your own time organization planning!

And now, my little gift to you, is a basic page from my planner, empty and ready for you to fill out/fill up with your own weekly accomplishments – a weekly overview where I list the major things I plan to accomplish during each day of the week.

Click here to download.