Hi there, I’m Allison.

I am currently a Cincinnati-based freelance illustrator and designer. I enjoy managing the social media marketing presence for a local business, as well as creating content for my YouTube channel. My happy place is somewhere in the woods or by the ocean, painting in watercolors in my sketchbook. Most pieces start this way, for me: on paper. Digitally speaking, recently, the iPad Pro and Procreate have been my media of choice, but I also find simple yet profound pleasure in using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator as well as continuing to learn new things about one of my first digital media loves: Adobe Photoshop.

Things that make me happy include: cuddling with my cats and shiba doggo, long walks but preferably hikes near running water and trying new beers at local breweries with my number one fan, my fiancée.

You can contact me for business inquiries at allisonranieri@gmail.com! 👋