Art Block: Getting Through the Hard Stuff

Getting stuck in a rut is the easy part.

As any creative person knows, some days can be daunting. While you try to show the world that you are an unstoppable force of passionate creativity exploding from every pore 24/7, unfortunately this is definitely not always the case. You wake up, drink that morning cup of coffee, sit down at your desk, and… you’ve got nothing today. And then the next day’s the same. And the day after that too. And eventually it seems even more overwhelming to even try to work on something than it does to sit and strew about how creatively unproductive you’re being (we make so much sense sometimes). We end up getting ourselves so worked up over not being able to create anything, and feeling unproductive that we generally just start to question our ability and role as a creator of things. But as deeply philosophically dismal we can seem sometimes, there really are some simple things we can do to break out of whatever art funk we happen to be in.

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